Toe To Toe Ballet runs a solid and safe pointe program

Did someone say toe shoes?


Dancing "en pointe"

Pointe work actually begins in pre-pointe class.
Toe To Toe Ballet School requires a pre-pointe class in addition to ballet technique classes to focus on the exercises, steps and technique that will best prepare her dancers for pointe work.  
Good preparation is essential to the safety and success of the dancer. Each dancer is individually evaluated to see if she is ready to begin pointe work.  

Are there safety standards for pointe work?
Yes there are and Toe To Toe Ballet School follows recommended dance industry safety standards for the health and well-being of her dancers.  All dancers must be approved by their teacher and the director to begin pointe work.  
We understand that sometimes a dancer may become impatient with the process, but we cannot risk the dancer's feet or her safety.  It's that simple.
 Boston Sports Medicine Article

The following article helps to outline industry standards and answers some frequently asked questions concerning pointe work:
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Our knowledgeable professionals attend your first pointe shoe fitting to make certain you purchase the best shoes for your feet.
 We attend your first pointe shoe fitting to be sure you purchase the correct pair of shoes. There are multiple pointe shoe manufacturers and multiple shoes in every line.  It is critical that the dancer use the shoe that works best for her. The wrong shoe can make it difficult for the dancer to work and help create bad habits.
Beginning Pointe
A good beginning is critical
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