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                                      Margaret Wheeler received her                                                  Masters in Dance from Mills College                                          in Oakland, CA.  Her thesis topic was                                        “Fairy Tales in Russian Ballet.” (The                                          inspiration for her thesis was her                                                background in Russian language and                                        culture, and living and studying in                                              Russia.) Ms. Wheeler also received a                                        Certificate of Dance from the                                                      American Dance Festival at Duke                                              University where she studied Ballet,                                          Jazz and Choreography, and had the honor of studying African Dance from Arthur Hall, Founder of the Afro-American Dance Ensemble.


Ms. Wheeler has continued to study dance throughout the U.S. with a variety of well-known dancers and companies, including the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in New York City, the Northwest Pacific Ballet Co. in Seattle, WA, Boston Ballet.  She has also performed in modern dance and tap dance companies in Washington, D.C., Ann Arbor, MI, and Helena, MT.


Ms. Wheeler was the Director of the Dance Program at Fisk University in Nashville, TN, from 1983-1984.  She also taught classes and choreographed for their Children’s Summer Program.  In addition, she taught and choreographed musical productions at the “Drama Studio London at Berkeley” in Berkeley, CA, and Aerosmith Academy in Berkeley, CA.  Finally, she taught Creative Dance for Children at the Creative Arts Center in Helena, MT. (This was a ballet-based program for kids ages three to teens.)  She was also Founder, Director, Choreographer (and part-time performer) of the Parabolic Dance Company in Helena, MT.

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