Join Us For A Super Fun Dance Class

Sparkle Toes Program
For dancers ages 2 & up

Meet Esmerelda, the star of the Sparkle Toes Program

Dance Foundations
For dancers ages 6 - 18
Ballet & Jazz

For information on our Men's Class, Click HERE

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Dancers who dance with us...

Make new friends

Build confidence

Increase strength & flexibility

Create lifelong, healthy habits

Develop creative outlets

Learn a little French

Dazzle Mom & Dad!!!

Students are grouped by age and experience

We'd love to include your family!

We dance all year round with time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  


PLEASE NOTE: We accept registrations year round so call us when you are ready to begin

Dancers who enroll by March can be on stage as part of our Spring Ballet.

After March, we will begin enrolling students to start in June.

Virtual classrooms are available for ALL classes.

It's time to get started!  We will see you in class!


Class Options for Dancers Ages 2 & Up


Sparkle With Me

     *Ages 2 & 3 with a grownup

Wee Sparkle Toes

     * Ages 3 & 4 on their own

Pre Ballet Sparkles

     * Ages 4 & 5

Add On Sparkle Tap

     * Ages 4 - 6

Ballet Foundations 



Jazz Foundations

     * Intro to Jazz

     * Jazz with Ms Lacey

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* No prior dance experience required

* Age specific curriculum used

* Option to perform in Spring Ballet

* Attend online or in person

* Classroom has viewing windows for parent watching.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, our covid protocols require that caregivers wait outside of the building while classes are in session.  This prevents over crowding and helps to keep our dancers safe.  We look forward to the time when we will be able to open up our viewing windows again.


1. When do classes begin? 

    We enroll dancers all year.

2. What should my child wear to try class?

     Comfortable clothing that allows for movement

3. Are these classes just for girls, or can boys dance, too?

    Guys dance, too!  We      our guys

4. Do you teach hip hop?

    We have hip hop workshops; it is not a weekly class

5. What classes do you teach year round?

    Ballet, Tap and Jazz

6. May I have my dancer try a class?

    Yes.  Click HERE to schedule your FREE class 

7. How do I register my dancer for class?

    We generally recommend a trial class first to make sure

    your dancer enjoys his/her class. If you know you are

    ready to dance right in, click HERE to register. Or call us

    at 262-723-1700



Dancers who want a more serious experience may qualify for our training program.  Please call us at 262-723-1700 for information and/or to set up your dancer's audition.