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...where everyone is invited to join in our dancing fun!!!  Check out our projects below

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Scrunchie Holder Ballerina Craft

Make your own ballerina scrunchie holder from every day items in your house.  Click HERE to download the instructions!


Sparkle Ballerina Cards

Click on the dancer to download our Sparkle Ballerina Cards.  Print out, color and use to practice your 5 ballet positions.  The cards can also be used to play fun card games, like "Concentration".  Shuffle cards, turn all face down, try to turn them all up in pairs - whoever turns up the most pairs is the winner and can pick their favorite ballet position for everyone to do!  Click HERE for rules of the game:    

Dancer Cards.5th position.jpg

Flat Dancers Project


Petunia Pointe: Click to download

Dan Danseur:

Click to download

002 (2).JPG

Coloring Book Just For You... 


Click on the PDF button to download our coloring book / Listen to "Me & My Teddy Bear" playlist on Spotify

Teddy Bear Picnic.coloring book.jpg

Stuck in the house?  Take part in our special project

and share your "at home" dance adventures with us!

1. Download and print our Flat Petunia Pointe

or Flat Dan Danseur form. 

2. Cut him/her out, color and decorate. 

3. Take your picture with your new dancing friend. having an "at home" dance adventure.

4. Email us the picture; we will put it in a special album on facebook

Your adventure can be big or small, silly or serious...but it's all yours!  And we want to share it with you

Send it to us at ToeToToeBalletSchool@tds.net

Everyone is welcome to participate!  Let's keep track of each other while we are home


Freeze Dancing

Time for Freeze Dancing...Put on music, grab a colorful scarf or Fairy Wand and dance yourself silly!  When the music plays, you dance...When the music stops, you FREEZE.   

 Watch the video for a short demo from our students... Enjoy

If you have Spotify, look for our short list entitled, "Freeze Dancing"!