Sparkle Toes Program at Toe To Toe Ballet School
For dancers ages 2 & up

"I like ballet because I can dance to music, play, have fun. It makes me happy and feel like a princess"

- Kate, Age 4

(Oui Ballet)

For more information on scheduled classes for dancers ages 3 - 6  please click  HERE.

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Oui (Wee) Ballet

Pre Ballet

Add-On Tap





Classes for Dancers Ages 2 & Up

Imagine, Learn, Explore, Create, Begin


Me & My Grownup

     *Ages 2 & 3 with a grownup

Oui (Wee) Ballet

     * Ages 3 & 4 on their own

Pre Ballet 

     * Ages 4 & 5

Add On Tap for Pre Ballet

     * Ages 4 & 5

Ballet Foundations.1

     * Ages 6 - 11


     * Ages 7 - 11


Classes run year round and meet one time per week.


* No prior dance experience required

* Age specific curriculum used

* Option to perform in Spring Ballet

* Attend online or in person

* Classroom has viewing windows for parent watching.


1. When do classes begin in fall? 

    Our new fall session begins September 14 

2. Is there something specific my child needs to wear?

     Our classes have a recommended dress code to     

     minimize distractions.  All uniform pieces may be

     purchased through our online store at

3. Are these classes just for girls, or can boys dance, too?

    Boys are welcome to participate.  When our boys  

    reach 6 or 7 years of age, we have a men's class just 

    for them at Toe To Toe Ballet School.  Several of our

    male students have gone on to dance professionally.

4. Do you have hip hop?

    Toe To Toe Ballet School specializes in teaching ballet,

    which is the basis of everything dance, and the best

    place to begin a quality dance education.

    We sometimes hold hip hop workshops for our older

    dancers for fun.  It is not a part of our normal


5. May I have my dancer try a class?

    Yes.  If the class is at capacity, the trial will have to be

    online to ensure we are following safe social distancing

    standards.  The drop in fee to try class is just $10.00

6. How do I reserve a trial spot for my dancer?

    You can reserve a spot by calling 262-723-1700