From The Basement To The Bright Lights!

Toe to Toe Ballet School was established in 2004 in the basement of artistic director and founder, Colleen Huberty.

 Below: First Open House


Elkhorn's Christmas Parade


Elkhorn's Christmas Parade


Below: Spring Ballet

We began in the basement with a dream...

Our founder, Colleen Huberty (Ms Colleen) had a dream...a dream of supporting and helping kids through the art of ballet.  "When our kids (especially our girls) remember how special they felt in their costumes while performing, they make better choices because they remember that they are precious", she said...

So in a basement in 2004, Ms Colleen established Toe To Toe Ballet School, a studio focused on teaching classical ballet in a non-competitive environment that encourages all students to do their personal best and make the most of their opportunities.  

From those modest beginnings, Toe To Toe Ballet School has grown from just a handful of dancers in a basement, to over 150 students, 3 separate programs, 3 annual performances (all optional) and 3 performance companies in a beautiful space downtown.  Along the way, tap, jazz and dance workshops in other dance genres were added to the original ballet classes. 

The studio is a member of several renowned dance organizations, and a sponsor site for the National Honor Society for Dance Arts.  These memberships have provided students with a variety of opportunities not found in the average studio. 

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Because Toe To Toe is based on a solid training program and focuses on education rather than competition, her dancers have found success from the very beginning.  They stand out at auditions for prestigious summer programs and university dance programs (many have received scholarships *).  Some have gone straight into the industry as ballet trainees.  Click HERE to learn more

Now...Spring Ballet