We love Toe To Toe! Both of my girls go, they are 4&5. 
They love going to classes making friends and learning ballet! 
Toe To Toe is one of the few real dance studios in the area, they get the full dancer experience including a beautifully done recital at the end. Any time dance is brought up I recommend you! You are great!!!

"Thank you so much for the endless time, energy and love you pour into our children week after week - you are the BEST!  

"Thank you again for the supportive and nurturing environment you have created at Toe To Toe.  Not only are you teaching our kids so much more than gracefulness and how to execute beautiful dance steps - but you truly have our child's heart and well being in mind!"

"Thank you again for making arrangements for my daughter to take the 4a class.  I am writing to let you know how proud you should be of the young ladies in the class. Tuesday was challenging and my daughter felt a bit defeated, but understands it will take a while.   When she was in her Pointe class on Thursday night she said that all the young ladies were so encouraging about taking 4a!  They told her that it was hard for them too at first and were really gracious to her.  It really lifted her confidence and let her know that she has a wonderful group of young ladies that have become her friends.  You and your school help foster that behavior.  Thank you so much for all that you do.  This experience could have easily turned out quite differently!!"

"I wanted to say thank you for all of the years in ballet.  I loved being in your classroom and learning all the new moves...

Dancing onstage with Toe To Toe was the best ever"

"Thank you so much for teaching me ballet once again this year.  I am so happy to have one more year at Toe To Toe with you and my ballet family!"